Question- transfering save state (.fc#) from FCE Ultra (0.98.12) to NES app

Discussion in 'iOS Emulators' started by outkast1, Jul 24, 2009.

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    I was wondering if anyone knows how to transfer a save state (.fc#) from the FCEU emu on my PC to the emu on my iphone?

    I've seen a tutorial to do this for using SNES9x1.39 and I tried following a similar methodology for, plus a few different options and tweaks-- but I had no luck.

    And yes I own my games before anyone ask's...

    For context, here is what I have been trying so far:

    1. I play my game on FCEU and 'save state as'. It saves as a '.fc#' to the same directory as the rom.

    2. The emulator on my iphone saves files as gametitle.nes.sav and usually but not always generates another file, gametitle.nes.sram

    3. The first thing I tried was to rename the .fc# to .nes.sav and put it in the ROM directory. When I open emu and try to load the save state it crashes to springboard. (Also tried renaming to just gametitle.sav and when I attempt that I get an error message: This ROM may be invalid or corrupt.

    4. Then I tried renaming the .fc# to .zip, thinking I could unzip or use WinRAR and then rename afterwards but I'm unable to do that either... results in another error.

    I've also played around renaming files to .nes.sram and using different combinations but haven't been able to get anything to work.

    Does anyone know how to do this?

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