Question on ipod touch and wi-fi... please help?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by jankutty, Feb 12, 2010.

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    i have internet connection at home, but unfortunately my laptop is not working and (anyway im planning to buy a new laptop some after 6 months). i purchased ipod touch recently. can i buy a wireless router and make use of my internet connection so that i can browse internet using ipod touch ?

    i have already synched my ipod with itunes and infact loaded couple of my fav numbers to my playlist in my ipod touch. and in ipod touch im able to see all the main screen icons and i can listen to my songs also. just that i wanted to start using it for internet. as im planning to purchase a laptop after 6 months only.

    basically my question is, can i simply install wireless router and start using ipod touch(without the need of my laptop/PC) ? or PC is definitely needed in this whole equation ??
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    You will most likely need a computer for the initial set-up. I don't know if the process can be completed without one. I would recommend a dLink wireless g router. They provide good range for around the house and a low cost (under 50$). Could you have a friend or family member come over to give you a hand. My dlink router came with an installation CD for setup.

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