[QUESTION] merge two yahoo accounts for groups.yahoo

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    hey, so i've got this really really old yahoo account which has like.. uhm.. has 9000+ messages in inbox. I don't want it anymore, well as you can see I can't monitor it anymore and i get envious seeing other people having really organized and clean email accounts, but the problem is I have most of my contacts (not really a problem though), my groups (the one I'm concerned about) and for my messenger are here. And my second account which i'm trying so hard to be organized; I also have new groups in this account. All I want is to somehow click some magical button or hyperlink to instantly, without much effort (on my side; the hell with Yahoo!

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    ), merge these two accounts. Well, not really merge like I'd see the 9000+ messages I have in my old account to my new one, but with the groups part.

    I know I can do this manually, but some groups are private and inactive. I know the inactive groups might seem irrelevant, but I'm a very sentimental person and so yeah... you get my point.

    I've tried playing around with the "My Account" function, but to no avail..(I think)

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