Question: how do i get the "invisible Tapper" with 2.0 customize

Discussion in 'Customize 2.0 Discussions' started by earlledesma, Aug 19, 2008.

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    i've check the Forums but no luck, cant find any post regarding invisible taps w/ customize 2.0
    although ive seen Post on "how to install it" and such ..but my Directory File is "Different"..

    then SSH into your ipod go to the directory /private/var/root/library/customize/barimages
    *(Make sure you go to BARIMAGES, not BARIMAGES)
    Drag the folder "Invisible Bar" into that directory

    i dont have that directory

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    please help me , i really have no idea with this app >.<
    im using 1.1.3 firmware. and using 2.0 customize

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