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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by JayXL14, Aug 11, 2009.

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    I have an iPhone 3GS with a plan, but I have a question for unlocking if I wanted to do it in the future. After my two years are up and I'm at college, I've been thinking about getting an unlocked iPhone and just using it on a prepaid T-Mobile plan or something. I have a few questions..

    1. Does using an unlocked iPhone 3GS with T-Mobile fully work or are there any limitations? I know calls and everything work, but I believe 3G doesn't work because of different frequencies or something? Please let me know.

    2. Now that we have Google Voice, can't I just get a T-Mobile pre-paid card with NO minutes, NO texts, and JUST unlimited data? That way, I can use Google Voice (which requires internet and a phone number, but not a plan). Am I right? Can I just get a unlimited data plan w/ no mins and texts and just have all my calls forwarded to my real phone number for free?

    3. If 2 is a feasible option, are there any T-Mobile pre-paid plans out that have only unlimited data. If there is an option with unlimited data and like 20 low minutes, I'd be interested in the price on that as well. I know that in two years the same plans may not exist, but I would still like to know what's available now.

    Thanks a lot.
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    By the time your 2 years are up there wont be 3GS anymore but the next generation

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    unless u plan using ur 3GS and maybe by then u wont be able jailbreak anymore since apple have a problem with that they might just do something bout it in the future releases but then only time going tell now to ur questions of right now everything works u can even set up ur iphone to receive
    mms thru ur sms but has to be jailbreak and ur correct 3G doesnt work on tmobile because the iphone has at&t frequencies n not tmobiles

    2.Google Voice got denied by apple or at&t so is not on the application store (if they havent update it). Nope u can't not get just data, tmobile has block the only way possible which was by the prepaid sidekick plan($1 a day for data) which means only sidekicks can use that plan and not unlock phones anymore

    3.As of right now theres no prepaid plans out that have only unlimited data(there was one which was the sidekick prepaid plan) so ur answer is NO.
    But tmobile is taking feedback and suggestions so they can improve their prepaid services have a look here:

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