Question about jailbreaking.

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    Quick question about jailbreaking.
    I had previously jail broke my 1st gen 16BG touch early this year, and when I upgraded to 3.0 I had some issues to I just restored it and I've been using the touch "unjailbroken".
    I decided tonight to jailbreak it again. I was able to jailbreak it but I can't get apps that I get outside of itunes onto my ipod.
    Do I have to jailbreak my ipod after restoring the ipod?
    This is pretty much the same issue I ran into earlier in the year. I don't have any kind of issue with Cydia, or any of the apps that I get from there, but when I try to sync apps from itunes that I haven't bought, I can't get them to send over.

    Btw the second time, and tonight I used redsnow to jailbreak my ipod, if that makes any kind of difference.

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    nvm the question.

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