Question about Jailbreakin The Iphone.

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by enforce3, Mar 7, 2009.

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    Helooo Guys

    After i had my Ipod Touch 1G for the past 6 Month's, And my Subscription of my old Phone ended i decided to get a Iphone.

    Ofcourse i wanted it to get jailbroken just like my 1st gen Ipod Touch
    but the thing is i heard rumors from my friend that there would be a chance in jailbreaking ur Phone that ul get Nosignal and so u can't call with ur iphone anymore making it useless.

    Second about the jailbreaking process.
    on the toturial it sayed nothing about removing your SIM card when jailbreaking with quickpwn, and when i readed a other post sume guy sayed that you NEED to remove the sim card before jailbreaking is this true?

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    As far as the SIM card goes: I have never had a problem with mine but you might want to take the SIM out just in case.

    If you were comfortable jailbreaking your iTouch you'll have no problems with the iPhone. If you screw up you can almost always Restore it and start over.

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