Question about $20 pack. Free or not for me?

Discussion in 'iPod touch January App Pack (iPhone Apps)' started by sp4rkbr, Jan 18, 2008.

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    Ok I have a friend and he went to NY and he will bring me an iPod Touch from there (we live in Brazil). I'll get it tonight, but it was bought this week, probably before 1.1.3 was released. Anyway, if it was bought right after 1.1.3 was released, for sure it won't came with 1.1.3 pre-installed (i guess it will come with 1.1.2?).
    Well, it is brand new in the box, never used, never turned on and I'll use it tonight. Question is, will the $20 pack be free for me since I'm registering it today?!

    Ps.: we don't have iTunes here but disconsider this fact.

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