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    Qtweeter is by far, in my opinion, one of the best apps built for the iphone/touch too date.

    Unfortunately, the great impression stops there!

    I decided I liked the app so much I was willing to go along with the purchase to rid the trial-ware of its 15 tweet limit.

    Just to clarify, Officially, the company www.efksoft.com is asking for donations to support the development of this project. Now, to most customers, a "donation" in order to take off restrictions of particular functions would be called a choice to PURCHASE AFTER running a TRIAL mode. Not a "donation". However, according to www.efksoft.com, its a donation. False advertising? Maybe. A play of words for liability? Seems to be more likely.

    Let me explain;

    Upon purchasing (i mean donating) my $3.95 to efksoft, i received a receipt of the purchase along with a registration confirmation email consisting of the email address i registered with and my official registration code. It stated, in case of having to reinstall the application, you will need this code to verify your purchase...or something along those lines.

    So whatever, they received my "donation" sent me my "code" and all was good. Only thing left to do was to launch the qtweeter program from the springboard, touch the registration button, enter my email address and press Verify Registration.

    Followed the "not so complicated" directions to the tee. Pressed the "Verify Registration" and ...............

    A big bubble popped up with the lovely word "ERROR". No code. No hint as to why. No NOTHING.

    Proceeded to email tech support @ support@efksoft.com. They apologized for the trouble and wanted to make sure i was using the correct email address i had registered with. I assured them I was. I took screen shots of the registration page with my CORRECT email address, along with the ERROR that pops up after hitting verify.

    Got another email back asking me if I was running the ipod or iphone and which versions. Immediately, i wrote back and gave them the info the requested.

    I've asked multiple times for them to just REFUND my "donation" and I will RE-Donate once they actually have a working product.

    In my opinion? The donation IS a donation, to remove Liability from the lack of good customer service as well as non-fully functioning software they're not QUITE ready to start officially selling.

    So, in the end; looks like my "DONATION" cash is GONE and I am left with NON-Functioning TRIAL-WARE.

    ALL IN ALL - MY ADVICE - UNTIL THESE FOLKS @ support@efksoft.com get there SH*T together......

    DON'T "DONATE" your time and especially your $$$$$$$$$$

    ANYONE ELSE with these ISSUES?????????

    ***find me HERE on ipodtouchfans or on twitter @shmootzie143***
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    Hi there,
    This is TJ. from Efiko Software. We are sorry we have not yet responded to your email. Kindly be patient, we will resolve this issue shortly.
    ------------------double post merged------------------
    Hi there,
    This is TJ again. we have resolved the issue and will release a new version shortly

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