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    qr code is a type of barcode used a lot in japan. its becoming popular in other places too now. the code consists of a square matrix and is readable with a cell phone or camera with a reader application built in. you can download the reader application at many places for free, completely legal.

    the cool thing is if you read a code on your phone and its for a phone number, the application will know this and ask if you want to save the number, call it, etc. this also works for web pages. it isnt application specific, because the code actually changes based on type.

    I think it would be cool to have an application that generates qr code and displays it really big on the ipod touch's screen. you could then scan it with a phone or put a piece of paper over it and trace the code onto it, and use it as you want. its jsut a neat, random thought but it would be cool.

    EDIT: for you iphone users, the qr code READER for your phone is imatrix.

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