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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by IceBerg, Jun 17, 2009.

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    I am curious as to what makes the versions different for iphone vs touch 2g vs touch 1g. I do know the build ID in the info is identical but if you have a touch you have to pay for the update.

    What exactly is different in the files. I've already paid for my 3.0 but have not installed it yet as I am waiting to hear about jailbreaking it before I do, and I could have downloaded the 3.0GM had I wanted to from my dev account.

    But what is it that stops A$$holes from just grabbing the iphone 3.0 firmware and dissecting it to flash to the touch? I know there are significant hardware differences but I was under the impression there was just one large file that serviced all devices and the flash process knew what parts to put on by the device type.

    So to sum things up Im curious are there different versions of the ipsw or is there something in it that knows not to flash to a touch unless itunes says it's been paid for. I was looking for info on the dissection of the ipsw as Im interested in it as a while but the dev-team wiki seems messed up as there is nothing there.

    I had some ideas about custom firmwares and I know the ipsw can be extracted and the bin files would be within to play with.

    Sorry i this is a bit scatter brained, Im tired at the moment.

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