put the everyday useful apps in here!!!

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  1. nygstatus

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    Mar 23, 2009
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    iPod touch
    im tiered of thinking i see good apps and get them and there not that good.
    if you think u got a good app/apps that i or anyone else will use everyday

    NAME IT/them! and explain
  2. Googleman

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    Nov 20, 2007
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    2G iPod touch
    well, the good apps I use everyday are
    1.-For hotmail: m Box Mail
    2.-For IM: Beejive
    3.-For Feeds:Newsstand
    4.-For Homework:myHomework
    5.-Researching anywhere:Encyclopedia (wikipedia offline)
    6.-For File transfer and storage: Air Sharing
    7.-For a Dictionary: Dictionary (actually it's pretty good, but there must be better ones, this one I got it when it was free, i think it's on sale now)
  3. angusg

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    Mar 1, 2009
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    eWallet: The best username/password reminder out there. Apparently they're working on an OS X version of the desktop client as, for now I just run the desktop client in VMWare...
    Appigo To Dos: The best Todo list available, tried a few cheapies/freebies but this ones the most stable, and sync's over wifi with my Mac
    ShopShop: Free, basic shopping list
    Remote: Control iTunes over wifi
    iStat: Monitors your resources, also monitors my Macbook Pro remotely over wifi
    IceTV: TV Guide widget
    Nimbuzz: Instant Messaging
    Easy Relax Lite: I'm a chronic insomniac but this app usually helps me get an awesome night's sleep
    Discover: Wireless transfer and storage
  4. uber hax

    uber hax Guest

    tasks or iprocastinate
  5. epqr

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    Nov 9, 2007
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    iPod touch
    Done; Simple and beautiful todo-app
    TwitterFon; Pretty obvious what it does
    Zenbe; More todo. Including web-sync, using it for my homework
    Nigth stand; Alarm
    iFooty; Football results
  6. MusicMeister

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    Mar 24, 2009
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    Here's my list o' apps:

    LinkedIn - LinedIn network client (facebook for business)
    MProfs - Marketing Professor
    Home&Work - I've used some other ToDo lists but this one is AWESOME!
    Groups - Manage your groups and contacts group membership
    FedEx Mobile - If you send/receive with FedEx often this is a must have
    PayPal - had some issues for a while, but seems ok now. Let's you send money, check balanced, etc.

    Facebook - duh...

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    AppSniper - Saved me close to $5 the first day! Let's you know when an app goes on sale
    eBay - eBay Client
    SpeechMate - For giving talks at Toastmasters meetings
    myLite - Flashlight for the iTouch/iPhone ('rock concert' is my favorite

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    T-Twisters - Great application if you're working on your diction or if you're a performing actor, etc. Really give the mouth a good work out.
    Tie-A-Tie - I perform at wedding as a DJ/Master of Ceremonies and for some reason can never remember how to tie a bow tie (I don't wear the 'cheater ties'!).

    Wedding Related:
    TheWedLink - To do list for wedding.
    MyWedding - Another nice to do list.

    iWiFi - Free WiFi locator
    Speedtest - How fast is your network?
    Air Sharing - Share them files!
    WiFiTrak - Find wifi hotspots (wardriving/warwalking)
    WiFiFoFum - Find WiFi hotspots
    NetUtility - look up info on IP or hostname (whois/ping/scan/GeoIP/etc)
    Domainer - Web site info+google/alexa page ranks
    Intuitive Commander - Network Info (local network)
    Snap - Network Scanner

    Undead Live
    Aurora Feint (all of them!) - Great puzzle/rpg game
    Sol Free - Solitaire
    SpaceMonkey - Simple but fun game
    Lumen - Physics type 'direct the laser' type game
    Fifteen - Simple 15 number puzzle game
    iReversi - Play Othello with others from around the world
    Tangrams - Spacial relationship puzzle, make the pieces look like the form provided.
    Soduko- duh

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    iDice - Yahtzee for best score

    iMonkey - remote control for MediaMonkey (this ROCKS!)
    Remote - remote for iTunes
    Spectrum - spectrum analyzer
    Beatmaker - Great uh, beat maker?
    Midomi - Find that song
    Top 40 - Top 40 in the US
    Sniff Jazzbox - uses wifi to create sound
    SpeakEZ - All the sounds from the original...


    Kindle - Let's you get Kindle books from Amazon to read on your iTouch/iPhone (haven't used it yet, but thought it was interesting)
    eReader - Nice reader
    Stanza - Another reader
    Declaration - Declaration of Independence
    Constitution -US Constitution (you can read what's being torn apart by politicians in modern history

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    WorldBooks - A collection of books that changed the world

    The following are really aimed at members of the LDS church:
    LDS Feeds
    Living Christ

    Audio/New Age:
    BrainFreqz - they have a variety of applications that work on varying a frequency to create a specific 'state of mind'
    aSleep - White noise generator
    MindWave - Like BrainFreqz, but I don't like it as much
  7. angusg

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    Mar 1, 2009
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    ^^ Home&Work looks sweet as!!! I'd love if it would sync with OS X off the bat but I guess that's coming.. I might just buy it now...
  8. touch_iPod

    touch_iPod Well-Known Member

    Mar 11, 2009
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    iPhone 5 (White)
    Here are some of my favorite everyday-use iTunes-purchased apps (excluding games) for the iPod...

    Todo (Biz / Productivity) - Appigo's Todo is one of the best task-based apps out there, items can be categorized into Focus (priority) or "Normal". Currently only able to sync with iCal on the Mac OS X but Outlook sync is currently under development. Also my most expensive iTunes purchase ever, cost me US$9.99 which amounts to around RM$36-plus!

    iXpenseit (Biz / Productivity)- a great expense tracker (with customizable fields and categories) that can generate reports on spending patterns based on a day up to a year or more!

    Remote (Leisure) - free Apple-designed app, enables the iPod to control the song selection and volume via WiFi signals.

    The Converter (Utility) - units conversion for various categories such as speed, area, length, temperature, time, and even technical ones like luminance and pressure + stress!

    Packing (Travel) - the app's name says it all, it's for tracking of stuff to be brought along for your travels, including clothing, essentials, and gadgets.

    Speaking English Dictionary (Utility) - a great dictionary with a huge glossary of words as well as a Google feature for translation of words and sentences. The best thing is the speaking feature, helps in pronounciation of unfamilar words!

    Facebook (Leisure) - iPod version of the every popular social networking site... 'Nuff said!

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    MPG (Utility) - tracks the amount of fuel used for every pump-in of gasoline.

    Currencies (Travel) - displays the rates for hundreds of world currencies, including the fictional Linden Dollar used in Second Life. Rates are updated on user-set intervals but a WiFi connection is requred.

    Night Stand (Utility) - a beautiful digital clock for the touch, can be viewed either in Portrait or Landscape mode. Alarms can also be set and there are eight sounds to choose from.

    Flashlight (Leisure) - converts the screen of your iPod touch / iPhone to an emergency torch light.

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