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    Hey everyone,

    I've mentioned here that the second Fantastic Friday event begins next Friday. And while the last one was very successful, we would love it for this one to be even more! And that's where YOU can help!

    How can I help?

    To publicize the event, we're hoping to get mentioned on a large Apple blog TUAW. In order to get their attention, we need to tell them about it:

    1. Go here:
    2. Tell them about it! For example:

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    We're not forcing you to tell them about it, so if you don't like Fantastic Friday then you don't have to say anything! But if you think it's a cool idea and you are going to enter to try to win, then we appreciate it!

    What's in it for me?

    There is nothing directly given to you for doing this, except my personal thanks. But, it will hopefully increase the number of voucher codes to possibly double - so getting on TUAW could really mean an even better Fantastic Friday giveaway!

    Other ways to publicize:

    1. On Twitter, tweet: RT: Fantastic Friday 2 starts April 3rd (! Win App Store applications! Are you an iPhone DEVELOPER? Msg @Kiks52 for more!

    2. Put in your signature
    3. Tell any developers you know!
    Thanks so much. Remember: this isn't forced. If you don't dig the idea of Fantastic Friday, you don't have to do anything. You can still enter the giveaway regardless, but helping us by doing the above means (hopefully) many more applications to giveaway!

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