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    I'm sure many people do not realize how much great stuff is in the Public Domain. Stuff you can put on your Ipod and make what's old - new again.

    Here's my contribution on stuff that's free or little cost. If you like old movies, books, TV shows, radio Shows, and comics - this list is for you:

    Public Domain *******s - This site has tons of old movies. Tons are already formatted for your Ipod. FREE

    Internet Archive Everything from old school films, feature films, comics, classic serials, school projects, old time radio shows, etc. FREE Some gems I've enjoyed:
    1. Green Hornet - movie serial
    2. Green Hornet Strikes Again - Movie Serial
    3. Burn'em Up Barnes - movie serial - with a great old motorcycle chase scene
    4. Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen - Comic
    5. Richie Rich Comics
    6. Other serials - Phantom Kingdom, Zorro, Chandu, etc.
    7. Lots of old films
    8. Big collection of Lego Films
    9. and much more

    Golden Age Comics Downloads Tons of old Sci fi, Adventure and War comics all copyright free. FREE (I use ComicZeal for my reader - it's a pay application).

    If you have some great sources of the old stuff post them up here.

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