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    i just got psx4all and when i play games in landscape mode, it works well but in portrait mode, the buttons on the controller layout don't work. i notice that if i press on the game screen itself, then it worked. i guess the programmer failed?

    anyway to correct this so i can use the controller in portrait mode?
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    Portrait mode controllers dont work...

    Nothing happens when you press any of the buttons in portrait mode. This has gotta be fixed!
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    found the answer!!

    with some searching I got it to work!

    Heres a post from another forum:

    Well, I'm not sure why I didn't think of actually looking in the app earlier.

    The controller skins consist of simple png images and a small text file with the coordinates of each button. The Y coordinates on all but the first skin are off by 240.

    The easiest method to fix this is really to just copy the first controllers text file out and rename it to the others and copy it in. It's real easy to do with iFile, however, the 3rd-5th skins have a different shoulder button layout (L1 - L2 - R1 - R2 as opposed to L1 - L2 - R2 - R1), so the R buttons would be reversed.

    You can manually fix the text files by just adding 240 to the second number of each line in each file.

    I just copied out all of the controller H txt files (0-5) and copied all of the info from controller 0 into 1-5. 0 should already work on the emulator, either way, just copy all the info from the 0 text file to all the others, throw them back into /applications/ folder and overwrite the old ones.

    hope it works for ya!

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