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    Okay, I am very inexperienced in Linux and how it works. I have a PS3 and was thinking about putting Linux back on it. However, I don't know which version of Linux to put on it. I recently had YDL 6 on it, but had a lot of wireless problems, and a lot of download manager problems. Just wondering which version is most stable, and which version I can easily set up the wireless card to work. I think the most recent version of Linux out is Ubuntu 8.10?I'm not for sure though. I also have PS3 version 2.53, the newest one. Just wondering which version works easiest with the PS3, and if there are any new features you can think of, that would make me want to put Linux back on my PS3.

    Note: I do have an old piece of crap computer in my room. And I was wondering which adapter you would recommend I use to hook my monitor up to my PS3? It's a VGA.

    Links are appreciated.

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