iOS 3.1 problems with itunes and can't restore after blackrain

Discussion in 'iOS Jailbreak & Cydia' started by Dementedone, Dec 5, 2009.

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    I started a thread, probably in the wrong section so if anyone could move it here id appreciate it.. please take a look, i need help desperately.

    I jailbroke my 32gig touch 3g with black rain a month or so ago. well i decided to add some pictures of my new baby boy today and when i tried to connect it to my pc (running XP) it does nothing. doesn't charge, doesn't show in itunes. i know the usb is working fine because i was able to re jailbreak with blackrain. I decided i wanted to just restore it and when i hit the restore button i get an error after a couple seconds saying the ipod could not be restored, error 13

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    also i just realized that once i shut it off and power it back on to try to restore i only have a limited amount of time that it shows the connect to itunes logo and then shuts off. it will jailbreak just fine but wont stay in the "connect to itunes" mode long enough to restore it. and it wont show up on my pc at all. please help.. thanks

    never shows up ever. when i originally started messing with this tonight i plugged it in and nothing happened so i started itunes and after a while it never loaded my ipod. so i turned my ipod off and re jailbroke it with blackrain ( tethered) and it still didn't show up in itunes or my computer, so i restart computer with same results, then uninstalled itunes and reinstalled it with still same results. now i just want to restore it. i can't get it to go in DFU mode. when i shut it off and then start it back up i get the apple logo then the "connect to itunes" which itunes will pop up to restore, i hit restore and before it gets a chance to start going the ipod goes off and itunes says error 2002

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