Problems deleting playlists from iPod using iTunes.

Discussion in 'iTunes' started by Carmine, Jan 12, 2008.

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    Please help! I'm having problems deleting playlists from my iPods.

    I have my iPods set up so that I can manually manage my music, instead of auto-synching. When I delete a playlist from any of my iPods, although the playlist disappears, the music on the list remains in my iPod. So to get rid of the songs themselves, I have to delete each one manually. Which is a colossal pain and kind of defeats one of the objects of having playlists to start with.

    I've googled around, but can't find anyone else with that exact problem. I found someone with a similar issue, and they were advised on a forum to set up their iPod to autosynch specified playlists. I tried this, but it seems that if I have four playlists on my iPod (or movies), and only want three of them so select those three to autosynch, iTunes wipes off all four and then adds three back. And that takes ages, especially when it's movies!

    Anyone any clue? I have version 7.4, because earlier versions won't work with iPod touch, and I've heard later versions won't play ripped/converted mp4s.

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