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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by d11sanders, Mar 31, 2010.

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    Hi everyone. I've seen a few threads like this, but not exactly the same problem.

    I've had an ipod touch for a few months now. Never had any problems charging it via the pc.

    Today, while working out, it was acting funny. I was playing music, but whenever I tried to use the touch screen to change a song, etc - it wouldn't respond.

    I haven't dropped it or anything like that; noticed the battery icon in the top right corner was pure white, so figured it was simply in need of a recharge.

    I connect it to the computer and everything links up fine. When I come back an hour later, the big central battery icon is fully green. However the small one in the right corner shows either the little plug symbol or sometimes the lightening symbol and is otherwise all white.

    Isn't it also supposed to be green when it's charged up?

    When I unconnect it from the pc and try to use it, music plays fine. However, now the battery icon (top right) shows an empty battery (just the outline with all white inside).

    When I go to a playlist or album, suddenly the battery icon shows full green. Pick a song and it starts playing, now the battery icon shows empty. Also it shows empty if you go to the main menu screen. Go back to playlist and it's full green again.

    Plug it in to charge again and again the big battery symbol shows full green, yet the one in the corner shows either the lightening or plug/connect symbol and is white.

    Anyone have a clue what's going on here.

    Apologies for my long-winded explanation. Any help or input would be great appreciated. Cheers

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