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    Unfortunately I dropped my headphones, the cushion on the Right headphone came off but I clipped it back on.

    When I plugged the headphones in, they worked and sounded normal I suppose, but when I switch the sound to Left and Right the Right sounds a little ... distorted when the bass kicks in, but the left is crystal clear, when I put it back in the middle they sound ok but I cant tell if the drop has affected the headphones when they are on both together.

    I mean if the Right has decreased in quality only when its switched to right then im fine with it, but if the drop has affected the sound quality when both headphones on I would want to claim the Warranty.

    I'm asking if it is worth to claim Warranty on it or live with it, I only bought them a month ago and they were quite expensive

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    Also its when its on Right only its more noticeable when the volumes higher, when I switch the slider to the left slightly, the distortion almost/does disappear completely. Any thoughts on what the problem might be anyway?

    Thanks for your time.

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