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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Sepulcher, Oct 10, 2010.

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    Sep 29, 2010
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    4G iPod touch
    First thing's first is I have a ipod touch 8GB 2nd gen.

    I have about 2000 or so photos from vacations, outings and whatnot, and they're worth 155MB.

    They're all in one single folder, and I now how to sync it, but there is some extremely weird problem...

    I checked the photos, and when it tells you how much space will be used in it, it says it's worth a whopping 1.38GBs, when obviously it's worth 155MBs. Have I done something wrong? It used to say about 200-250MBs, but then it suddenly changed.....

    I am quiet conservative with space, and don't like certain things taking up unrealistic amounts of space.

    Some help please, i'm open to anything suggested.

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