Problem with setting Lock Screen Background

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Landario, Jan 12, 2008.

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    Jan 7, 2008
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    i got a Problem with setting the "Wallpaper" meaning the Background of the Lock screen.

    Originally it was a picture with Earth. So i went through some Postings to see how it can be changed.

    What i did was convert a JPG file to PNG and transfer it to the /Library/Wallpaper folder. Maybe i made a mistake here since i left the original name and did not rename it to 119.png (there were files 00 to 118). Anyway when i went to Settings on the Ipod and change Background the pic showed up in the selection with the standard backgrounds of Apple.

    But then hell broke lose. When i tried to set it as Wallpaper the Ipod showed a grey background with saying "Synchronizing" on top. Not the usual Sync screen. And this kept on forever until i aborted with home button.

    After that i synced with ITunes and a black screen appeared saying Scaling ......also no reaction.

    After this i checked the Ipod which Picture actually was the new "lockBackground.jpg" now and it was the one i set but the Problem is whenever the Ipod goes into Locked mode the screen only shows the green battery with a black background.

    Ipod got Firmware 1.1.2 with Jailbreak. Springboard is installed and Customize too.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    no name doesn't matter if you think you have to mant characters in name just name it here /this or what ever

    First let me ask this if you go into settings/wallpaper and change the wallpapaper to another does it show ?

    is the wallpaper you converted the correct size my pixel dem is 320/480

    you said you restored and still are having the problems

    when you go to root/library/wallpaper and added he png did it
    create a thumbnail file in wallpaper ?

    when you original add the new wallpaper i believe file is not created until you set it as wallpaper after that if you close ftp/ssh program and the reconnect and go to wallpaper you will see file has been create check and see if one has been created for the wall paper you have added

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