Problem with Mobile Terminal.. =[..says proc

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by mickey2cocopuffs, Feb 15, 2009.

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    I don't know why, but after i login to terminal, [Process completed] comes up. after that comes up, I can't type anything.

    --srry im knew to ipod touch. so im like an uber noob..

    --i uploaded a pic of how it looks...although its not my ipod touch, it looks exactly the same when it stops responding (it shows the problem)
    ----wait i think i put it as an attachment..srry my bad
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    if you saw the pic. u can see dat it first try's to overrwite, im guessing a profile. I put in ./get******* as reply.

    of course that does not work and then in starts written diff. codes and stuff.. and it end up with:

    "Press enter to exit...."

    "[Process Completed]"

    -- i just want to say that my problem with the terminal is similar to the pic except in the middle it has more words and codes that it tried to process. But the end result is the same..

    ---also thank you in advance for all ur help guys n girls =]
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    soo i did a little research {yay me!! =]}.. and it said puttin:

    su root
    adt-get update

    ...unfurtanely i really sock at these type of things. -- So i put su root as soon as i got into terminal and then it did the same thing with the codes. Then i put it alpine and again it did the same thing and finished the same way with:
    "Press enter to exit...."

    "[Process Completed]"
    ---and it stop respondin again =[... since it stop respondin i didnt even get to put in the last words

    maybe i plug in the word improperly or sumthing.. can some1 tell me how i am suppose to put in the words.. or do i put them all at once? plzz help
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