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Discussion in 'iOS Development' started by ipodgreatmaster, Apr 26, 2009.

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    Hello. One of my friends ask me to please enroll him on the app store. So we made the process, he paid the 99 dollars, and a week more or less he was acepted. The problem comes when he tries to enter to itunes connect. Appears the next message

    Apple ID does not have permission to access iTunes Connect
    So i start searching for the solution. I found some pages and the conclusion was this: the postal code and the state on the profiles are not accepted. Someone told me to compare his account whit my account (My account works perfectly). The problem there is that my account is set on United States because there is were it lives my grandfather. His account is made on Colombia. Here we dont use postal codes and the state is Cundinamarca. We have also emailed apple and they say is problem of the postal code. But we tried everything on the postal code and nothing works.

    Please help us!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks and sorry for my bad english

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