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Discussion in 'iOS Development' started by omokas, May 18, 2010.

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    So, yesterday my grandmum went to the bank and made me a prepaid card, but problem is Apple asked me to put the card's owner name into the form I completed. Though her name is Marina Athanasiou and its a female name (greek name), mine is Orestis Mokas. I don't want Apple to say Marina Athanasiou made my applications because I want my name in them.

    So when I was about to purchace my iPhone Dev Licence I put Orestis Mokas as name and another "home" location. Then apple told me that there is not available online store on my country (Greece) and I must send them a fax with the completed form and enter my email, some codes and the card's owner name.

    On the paper I wrote MARINA ATHANASIOU as name, but on the online form I put Orestis Mokas. Is this a problem for them or should I continue and send the paper via fax to them ?

    I really need a reply soon

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    Oh and sorry but is there a way to cancel the form and re-complete a new one ?

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