Problem with GeoDefense and Blades Of Fury

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    Hi guys!

    I bought geoDefense and Blades of fury yesterday after trying de Demos for a while. But somehow I have some problems with those games.

    For geoDefense I have been able to beat all of the easy Levels and some of the medium ones, but now, for some reason, when I try to open the Easy or Medium level tabs, the screen loads for a second then crash and go back to the springboard. Somehow I can access the Hard levels without problems, I've tried to shut down my iPod completely then restart, but it's the same problem.
    I even tried to delete it and reinstalled it and it came back to the same thing, I played some of the levels then suddenly it doesn't work anymore.

    For Blades of Fury, I've been able to play once and complete the tutorial and now I can't even open the game. When I tap on its icon on the spring board, it goes black for about 10 sec. then come back the springboard. Modern Combat did that for me once, but after I reinstalled it it was ok.

    Has anyone ever encountered similar problems? If so please help me! I'm tired of re-playing the goddamn same levels in geoDefense and playing the Tutorial in Blades of Fury (for the Hi-Scores and achievement)
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    Now it seems Geodefense only crashes when I have some scores saved in the game.

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    Still nobody?

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