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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Razputin, Jul 18, 2008.

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    Hey guys,

    hopefully you can help me with this problem I'm experiencing. I have an iPhone (2G) and I just jailbroke, unlocked and activated it on firmware 1.1.4 with ZiPhone (I know, I know... No other program would work so I eventually used this).
    Now to my problem: My SIM card is in the iPhone, and it's recognized. But my iPhone mostly tells me that I've got a very bad or no connection. When I insert my SIM into my old cellphone I've got a full connection so it can't be some kind of bad coverage. That bad connection stops me from making any calls as it keeps on telling me that something went wrong. I also can't send any text messages.
    There is one weird thing though. When I dial 911 it actually gets a connection and someone answers. 911 isn't the emergency though as I live in germany.

    This problem is confusing me. Are any of you experiencing this as well or have in the past? Or do you have any ideas of how I can solve this issue?

    P.S: When I got my iPhone it was on a jailbroken 1.1.4 and I was able to make calls. Then I made the mistake to upgrade it to 2.0. When I realized that I was unable to activate it I downgraded it back to 1.1.4 with iTunes 7.5. Then I tried activating it with iLiberty+ and/or WinPWN, but that's when the connection problems first occured. So I restored it and activated it again with ZiPhone, but with the same problem. And that's where I am now.

    Thanks in advance for your help,

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