Problem with 4 gen video ipod

Discussion in 'iPod classic, nano, etc.' started by sleepyhollow77, Sep 18, 2008.

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    My ipod video had a bad HD so I got a new HD but im kind of stuck at this point. I installed the new HD and am still getting the sad ipod. When I just plug the usb cable into the PC computer, my ipod will come up with the battery icon and thats it. When I put the ipod in disk mode it will connect to the PC for a second, you will see the hard drive then the ipod reboots and goes back to the ipod logo and it isnt showing up on the computer.

    Thanks for looking any help would greatly be appreciated with my problem.
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    Sad ipod is usually not a HD problem. A folder with a ! on it means a HD problem. The Sad iPod image usually means there is a problem with the main board. At least from my experience this is the problem. If you get it to work you wil also have to flash the ipod with some firmware. Once iTunes recognizes it do a update/restore.

    But like i said it seems to be a main board problem.
    You can either order a new motherboard for it. And install similar to how you did the HD.
    You can buy a new iPod, which i would recommend.
    Or send it to apple and pay out the ass.

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