Problem with 1.1.2 jailbreak.

Discussion in 'iPod touch 1.1.x Jailbreak' started by Kocur!, Jan 26, 2008.

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    I haven't found a thread like this so I'm writing a new one. I had a 1.1.3 ipod and a 7.6 itunes. I downgraded itunes first and did every steps of the jailbreaking process up to the 1.1.2 jailbreak. I downloaded the needed fils and when i open windows.bat and click (with install ssh) "jailbreak" it says:

    "Cannot connect to your device: Please plug your iPod/iPhone into your computer.
    If you're still having trouble, restart the computer, reconnect the device and try again."

    I've done that twice. It's really weird. That's my 6th jailbreak and that happens the first time. Can somebody help me?

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