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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by reinhart_menken, May 6, 2009.

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    I'm trying to jailbreak my less technically-inclined friend's iphone and I've run into some snag with it. I've done it with ipod touch, and while the procedures are different, at least I'm not a first timer jailbreaking something.

    So, I was following the quickpwn intructions on BlogsNDA, after I got to step 10 and selected Cydia, and then clicked next, and next again to make sure that the iphone is connected, it crashes. It crashes at the screen where it tells you to how to put your phone into DFU mode (so I don't even get to do that).

    Any ideas?

    I looked on googled and the only web page I found was related to an older firmware, and that was because the guy had a corrupted file. I don't think I have because itune allowed me to restore from it successfully.

    Would it be better if I tried to jailbreak it with 2.2 firmware instead of 2.2.1? Would I still be able to use all the apps? Are there any that requires specifically only 2.2.1?


    ps. I can't use PwnageTool because I'm on Windows.

    Edit: Good thing I have a laptop on vista. Somehow that did the trick.

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