problem after update (3.1.3)??

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Musicislife, Feb 3, 2010.

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    updated to 3.1.3 today, and there was an error during my ipod update, but i thought it worked itself out because it kept going. after it updated and started to restore, it put the apps on my ipod for me. i dragged over a pre-saved playlist with all the songs i had on my ipod before (cant fit whole library so i have to pick and choose) and it started syncing. half way through the sync it said ipod cant be written to, but in itunes it said it had half the stuff on my ipod. i took it off the usb, and nothing seemed wrong with the apps but when i went to music it said it was empty. itunes is telling me that there's music on it but the ipod isn't showing any. i plugged it back in hoping that it would work after i synced the rest of the music to it, but still nothing is showing up in my ipod music, even though itunes shows its full.
    anyone know what's going on? :/
    the apps run perfectly so idk this is weird. first time a problem like this has turned up
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    nvm, problem has been resolved. can a mod please remove this thread? thanks

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