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    I have a jailbroken Ipod Touch 1.1.5. I went through the process of installing the customize app(the one with the cow, not the chicken) through an Ftp program (setting permissions to 755 ect.) I finally got the app to show up on my ipod but it has a problem. The second it opens to the loading screen, it just quits.
    I DO have SUID LIB FIX!

    If it helps here is a list of Installed apps on my ipod:

    -BSD subsystem 2.1
    -Installer 3.11
    -Open SSh 4.6p1-2
    -SUID LIB Fix 1.0
    -1.1.5 Compatibility Patch 1.0
    -Respring 0.1
    -Services 0.6.7

    UPDATE: By taking the advice of someone, i have furthered my problem. Someone suggested I uninstall Suid lib fix and reinstall it. Now that it is uninstalled I get the "Main Script Execution Failed" message, and cant reinstall. GRRRRR! Maybe I dont need the Suid lib fix to get the customize to work, ANY ideas would help thanks.

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