[Preview] Windows Phone 7 Series..Beta Soon!

Discussion in 'iOS Themes and Customization' started by IpodtouchMM, Mar 9, 2010.

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    Hey guys, so my first attempt to make this theme was a experiment which didn't get much good response form others.

    And i know the user Lion is making one as well, but i just felt i could make the theme as nice as possible. No offense to you buddy. And my idea just came to me, trying to make it almost as exactly as the supposed original.

    Anyway so I made a HUGE revamp and because of the release of infiniboard..this theme is really possible. And many more to come. As well as SBsimplify, but if it stayed on always then it would help even more.

    I've researched hard on theis theme and tried to understand the pictures and text concepts. Also i know this theme should be more to the side of the phone like how the real thing looks, and i iconoclasm wil help with that, but I didn't feel it made it better for some reason. Maybe it works for the real Windows phones but here theres kinds too much space in my opinion on the side. However the side button for the other apps will have a invisible icon for springjumps.

    So the whole them is NOT...i repeat Not stolen from Lion User..I have done this straight from scratch. And I don't think anyone except me or him has done this theme yet.

    Soo, the Beta will be released in a couple of weeks depends on if i get new ideas it will be pushed back, or if I can finish with the full UI or at least try to make it as real as possible.

    This is really my first full attempt at a theme for the iphone i've done some before but never finished them since I get busy..called a life! LOL. But promise this theme will be finished very soon!

    If you have any question email me at svoloch92@gmail.com and keep this forum ALIVE and share ideas everyday ill update you guys as best i can and give me feedback!


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    wow, that actually looks like the windows phone! i wont be willing to test it (i hate inav type themes), but good luck with it! its very cool!
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    I've also been working on one. is your theme mainly a springboard theme? Or will the ui be themed also?

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