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    I was previously working on the Zune HD theme with Appman on 3.1.2 but on 4.0, there are quite a lot of annoying limitations. I decided to go and do some work and see what I can do in terms of working with 4.0. This theme is not going to be a regular icons theme and it doesn't use categories to create an inav theme. It uses some features I have seen previously such as the zune font but overall, it's unique and has never been done.


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    CLICK AND HOLD ON THE IMAGE SO IT IS HIGHLIGHTED AND DRAG IT. SOME FEATURES ARE NOT VISIBLE UNLESS YOU DO THIS There is also meant to be a pause button on the top right but that is reserved for a particular icon.

    This is the icon for an audio and video folders. Please note it is not complete and I may add some overlay light. I have only made a couple of icons but it takes time and as I said, 4.0 limitations are hard if your not doing a regular icon theme. Very hard. For example, having an irregular shaped icon in the multitasking bar. It doesn't work. Also, all transparency in an icon is shown black on the multitasking bar. There are many other limitations I have and haven't found.

    What do people think of the concept anyway?

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