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    Josie Maran "Special Edition"

    Here a little theme that a made of Josie Maran. There was actually no theme of Josie Maran, a perfect looking model. She Played in some movie like "Van helsing" and she did play in some commercials.

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    Josie Maran's Theme for iPod Touch Designed by Jencryzthers

    As you can Notice, she have a beauty face, that why i made a theme that show he face but in a couple of update im going to release a new version where the square will be removed around here face.

    -Changed Picture
    -Added Icon
    -Fixed Some other things

    I'll release it soon. In Maybe 1 - 2 Days. <====

    (Version 4.0 Beta,)
    This Theme support most of all iPod or IPhone Application. this has been test on each two. No Bug or Error. but first before you install the thme you will need to have a iPod Touch Jailbreaked 1.1.1 or 1.1.2 & 1.1.3 this is very easy to do there step that you can follow on youtube


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