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    This is a Good solution for a common problem it might help someone

    Problem: All songs seem lost on Ipod
    What happened: They are not lost, database file might be corrupted
    Apple Solution : Format in itunes and re-install (not recomended)
    My solution: restore a Backup File called "ItunesDB"

    WARNING: This has only be tested on ipod touch firmware 1.1.1
    but it might work on other firmwares

    Problem Symptoms:
    - After Synching in Itunes all your songs are deleted
    - No Songs on your ipod when docked in itunes
    - No songs or videos on your ipod when browsing from ipod
    - Itunes say there is a problem with database or not even recognize ipod

    The Cause of the problem:
    A file called ItunesDB (database file) that get corrupted
    songs might still be on your ipod so just need to restore ItunesDB file

    NO, This faq is to prevent this from happen you must have made a backup of the file ItunesDB for be possible to get songs back.
    (but you can check if some program you have made a backup of the itunesDb file)

    This faq is about manual backup, i know some softwares backup your music library
    i dont know if some program automatic backup the database file "ItunesDB"
    if there is some software that does let me know


    Ok lets get started you want to Backup your Itunes database file
    incase it get corrupted, belive me this will happen sooner or later
    is not a question IF it will is just When so better prevent

    1. Download the software Total commander
    this is a software that let you acess your ipod files/folders without need of wifi
    this is my method you can however use your metod if you prefer
    i find this easyer since you just plug Ipod by usb and start program just like you would
    with Itunes.

    2. Download a plugin called T-pot is to be able to dock ipod
    to install it i think you just click T-pot through the total commander and it install
    this FAQ does not cover details how to operate total commander or install T-pot
    please use google to find out.

    3. Now In Total commander you see it has a FTP like interface
    on the left is your PC folders on the right your IPOD folders
    In my case Ipod touch:
    go to VAR/ROOT/MEDIA /Itunes control/ITUNES

    4. Highlight in red (by right clicking) the file ItunesDB that is on your right (on your ipod)
    and drag it to the left to a folder of your choice on your PC to back it up
    (if you want you can backup the whole "Itunes control" folder but i dont think is nesesary the important file is Itunes DB)

    5. Now the file that controll all your music is backed up
    as you can see this file is quite smale around 300kb
    make a backup copy of the backup and store it on a PEndrive,external drive, disk , gmail
    or anything, just have more than one backup of it


    First is important you know if auto-synch has been on in itunes
    and you used ipod on 2 computers and lost the songs that way
    this might not work then songs might realy have been deleted

    1. First check if the songs is still on your ipod
    to do this turn on your ipod go into settings and check the remaining space left
    say you had 2GB left of freespace before songs got deleted:
    If there is still 2GB left songs are still there, if you have a lot more GB of free space
    songs are probaly deleted

    But in most of the cases you will surprisingly find that songs are still on the ipod
    because the GB of free space left is the same

    If this is the case then we know the Database has been corrupted

    2. This is how to restore Itunes database manually:
    Start Total commander or any program you use to acess your ipod folder system

    3. Again you have the FTP interface with your files on the PC on the left
    and the ipod folder on the right
    goto : VAR/ROOT/MEDIA /Itunes control/ITUNES

    4. on the left side of Total commander
    you go to where you backed up the files ItunesDB
    Highlight (by rightclicking) the file
    Make sure is the file on your PC that is highlighted
    and not the file on your Ipod (in total commander is the left side where your pc files is)

    5. Now go to
    VAR/ROOT/MEDIA /Itunes control/ITUNES
    on the right side in total commander inside your ipod
    And you see the files ItunesDB that you know is corrupted
    and have made you lost all your music

    6. Drag the file from your PC (on the left) to your ipod (on your right)
    you be asked to overwrite file say yes

    Make sure the file you are dragging is from the Pc to the ipod
    and not the oposite because then you make the misstake of remplacing the corrupted file
    with the backedup file on your pc
    when Backup: you copy itunesDB from ipod to Pc to backup
    when restore: you copy itunesDB from PC to Ipod to restore

    7. Exit total commander and conect itunes
    you be surprised all your Lost song is back

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    that is all songs from how old the backup of ItunesDB file is
    so very important to backup the ITUNES DB file as often you synch new music
    or videos to the ipod
    this only take some minuts and will help you restore your songs

    So Remember:
    - Always backup ItunesDB file almost daily (or as often your update music/video on ipod)
    - Always have more than one backup , a second one stored on a pendrive,gmail, external drive disk or something outside the pc

    This should not be a problem the ItunesDb file is 300kb in size and it only take some minuts of your time to do

    This Metod is a good one (Apple should have it in their FAQ)
    to fix a corrupted database

    Hope it might help someone

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    Thanks for this, but it's very confusing to read.
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    I cleaned up the Faq so is easyer to read now
    this solution worked for me and might do for everybody with the same problem

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