Preparing video using handbrake/visualhub (mac)

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    If you want to use HandBrake, get 0.9.1 (or more recent versions when they are available). You can choose the more presets option, and there are a lot of nice presets. The newest Handbrake also now has chapters in the mp4 (the same as the dvd), same aspect ration, and other cool features like forced subs only (for only forced subtitles that are in the movie like when someone speaks in a foreign language.

    I have tried the ipod and ipod touch settings for a h.264 DVD to mp4 in VisualHub and HandBrake. The result was that the standard mp4 done in VisualHub was much smaller, less than half the size on a particular movie, than the same movie done in HandBrake. Still I prefer the one in HandBrake because if you want to watch the movie on a bigger screen, like a TV or large computer screen, I would prefer to have less compression so the image will be sharper.

    In this respect, it has been noted:

    "Viewing photos and movies from an iPod or iPhone on TV makes a handy way to show content on TV or perform presentations without a laptop. It can also serve as a simple alternative to Apple TV..." It can serve as a reductionist portable Apple TV, without some of its important features. The ipod touch gives you the option for video out of switching to either PAL or NTSC. To get video out from a iphone or ipod touch you would probably want either the new Composite AV CAble or the Component AV Cable which is especially for the iphone and ipod touch.

    I don't have either cable but don't rule out getting one in the future, but don't so much see a pressing need.

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