Powerbook G4 "AirPort Card not Installed" Solution Idea... Problem.

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    Apologies around the table for the 2nd thread, but this is very important.

    I believe I have pinpointed the exact problem of why my airport card is not recognized. I am following this discussion on the Apple website.


    Since I updated the computer to the latest Leopard software, it is causing a problem with the AirPort recognition. In system files, the "AppleAirPort2.kex" file is not there. So I have to install the Keychain and Login 1.0 Update, then the new key will be there, so I can delete it, restart my computer, and get the AirPort working.

    I just downloaded the Keychain and Login 1.0 Update, but run into a problem when going to install it. This is what I get.

    "You cannot install Login & Keychain Update on this volume. This volume does not meet the requirements for this update."

    Here's a picture.

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    What is the meaning behind this? Any way I can find a solution to this?

    Once I can bypass this error and install it, I can finally delete the AppleAirPort2.kex file and be able to get my AirPort card to recognize.

    Serious help wanted. Thank you.
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    The link in your mail is not functioning, would you please send it again.

    You can find illustrated disasemble instructions for many Apple computers here: www.ifixit.com

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