Power support anti-glare vs. BSE/ Invisible

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by raEEv3, May 29, 2008.

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    Power support anti-glare vs. BSE/ Invisible Shield

    I'm getting a new ipod, since my old one broke; getting a replacment. So I just wanted to know, should I get power support anti glare for my ipod touch.. or BSE/ Invisible shield. I already have a pair of invisible shield, i've used it before for my old touch, it's just that I want a clear plastic case.. but then again I think I saw at the applestore on the package for the power support anti glare that it, the back sticker doesn't cover the whole thing, only covers the base, but I want the sides too

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    So which on do I get? Or reccomend

    if you had had anti glare and had a case or w/o case, did you get scratches on the side? (I don't know if the sticker covers the sides, but correct me if im wrong)

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