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    "Hacking" a game can be as simple as changing a few file names for moving graphics around, or editing a file to change high scores / unlock items. Experiment with your apps to find what you can do with them and then post your results here! I will demonstrate by taking the .png file for a plane in "Skies of Glory" and switching it with another, then editing the new .png.

    Here is a screenshot of the plane as it is supposed to look.

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    I used iPhone Folders on my computer to find and edit the picture file. Navigate to iPhone folders\~iPod_name~\var\mobile\Applications\3D0728C8-9CA1-4668-A59F-8D410A1DBE64\ and find the .png file for the plane you want to edit. Open the file in your favorite photo editing software and adjust it to your liking. Here is my Spitfire .png after editing in MS Paint.

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    Place the file back in the app folder where you found it under the file name that the game will look for. This one was spitfire2.png but the game looks for spitfire1.png so I changed it to that. Don't delete or replace any of the original files. Just change the name to something else. This is a screenshot of the Spitfire after rebooting the game with the new .png.

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    The hacks you post here can be whatever you did to your app that you find interesting. And "hacking" here in no way implies making piratable apps, so don't be an idiot. Happy posting!

    EDIT: It's ok to post any hacks you want here, even if you're afraid that it's too simple. If you have something you want to share, it's probably more than most iPod Touch / iPhone users are capable of.

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