Post the email/letter/phonecall you sent apple's way for the 1.1.3 fiasco

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by RedrumsSam, Jan 17, 2008.

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    Yeah, I'm still quite baffled about the whole $20 upgrade thing. So, I decided to vent & give apple a piece of my mind. I know it probably won't matter, even though there's at least a few thousand people who have already done this, steve will just roll his eyes, shrug his shoulders and say, "hey they should have bought an iphone". But whatever, i'm angry. And obviously still angry now that I'm writing about it again. but anyways, here's the email i sent ;

    "Ok, so I was stoked about my ipod touch when I got it. It really is an awesome ipod. But, and this is a huge but, The whole paying to upgrade and get the iphone apps, which I might add aren't much different than the old ones. Ooh maps can almost figure out my location if im in fricken metropolis!!! Wow. The apps are free on new ipod touches.... Why is it that those of us who rushed to get an ipod touch RIGHT when it first came out because we were really stoked that the awesome company that is apple came out with something else that's pretty cool and cutting edge, have to pay? No respect for your customers? Greed? The fact that you know you're a huge corporation and will continue to sell your glorious gadgets? Somewhere in between the lines lies the real answer, but I, along with MANY of your customers am unsatisfied, and I no longer have the respect that I used to have for apple. I think I'm gonna go buy a Zune....."

    No, i'm not really going to buy a Zune. Ha! why in the hell would I want to do that? But, maybe it will have an affect on whoever reads my email.... Post your complaints that you've filed with apple because of the new firmware fiasco!!!!

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    The "new" touch owners had their's come with v. 1.1.3? AND the $20 upgraded apps? Thats not cool.

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