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Discussion in 'Mobile Web Development' started by squasho, Mar 30, 2008.

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    I can send text-messages through my service providers site. The problem is that the site works absolutly horrible with the ipod touch. That is the reason to why I want to make a Webapp for this.

    I need to submit 3 post forms. Here is what i need to do.

    1: This form is to login with my phonenumber and my password
    2. Then i need to navigate to the place where you send the message.
    3: This form is to add the phonenumber to whom I am sending the message
    4. This form is to add the message.

    I can do this using hidden iframes. It looks like sh*t but still it works on my macbook using safari. But when I try it on the ipod touch the javascript code "windows.stop" does not work and therefore I get redirected to a site when i submit the first form and then I cannot send the next one because I am now on another site than mine.

    Please, I would really appreciate if someone could help me with this!

    How can I do it instead?

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