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    Hey all, I just beat Heavy Rain after playing for 13 hours, and it's one of the better games I've ever played. However there are a TON of different options and choices you have to make that should effect the ending and I'd like to know what decisions others have made throughout the game and what the outcome was.

    I'd like to keep this spoiler free, so people can post up as they go, but unfortunately that's just not possible so I'd appreciate if all endings would be posted in a size 1 font. I'll try to keep mine as spoiler free as possible and I'm only including things that I feel were significant to the story. So here we go (these are in the order that they come to mind):

    Just as a note before I start the list, none of my 4 characters were killed until the very end.

    1. I killed Nathaniel. It was an accident actually, he spun around with what I thought was a knife...it wasn't.
    2. I failed the butterfly test. It's freakin hard.
    3. I saved Lauren from drowning (actually thought you had to, but saw elsewhere that most people don't?)
    4. Never took the blue stuff as Jayden
    5/6. Fell in love with Madison, and didn't escape from the cops the second time around (I think the two might be related).
    7. I saved Kramer. Didn't want to, but they asked twice so I did.
    8. Failed the shark test. I'm not gonna shoot a man in his daughter's bedroom.
    9. Didn't accuse Blake of being the killer, stayed in the ARI and found out the truth.
    10/11. Hid in the fridge to survive the fire. And afterward called Jayden (figuring since Ethan was in jail [see #6] calling him wouldn't accomplish anything).
    12. Saved the clerk in the grocery store. Didn't do it stealthily (stupid slow movement commands) and didn't kill the robber (don't know if that was an option).
    13. Cut off my pinky finger with the butchers knife. Cauterized it with the hot iron bar heated from the kitchen stove (or whatever it is)

    ENDING:Scott knocks out Jayden next to the tank where Shaun is, Madison runs up to the roof, Scott follows. Jayden wakes up and saves Shaun. Scott is just about to kill Madison when Jayden shows up and shoots him (haha I pressed r1 like 500 times even though it only prompted once). Ethan is released from prison and reunited with his son. Lauren is standing at Scott's grave, talking about how he betrayed her.

    Unanswered Questions [spoilers]:
    1. What ever became of Madison and Ethan? In my story they fell in love, but in the epilogues it never followed up on if they went off together.
    2. What was the deal with Ethan's blackouts? It was never explained at all.
    3. Was it Gordi who killed Kramer? Scott seemed pretty adamant about finding who killed Johnny, given the situation at the end of the game I wouldn't think he'd care.
    4. What happened to the husbands? At first I assumed all the fathers of the kidnapped children had received similar opportunities to save their children, however the shop clerk only had the lizard and none of the other fathers were ever mentioned again so apparently they just upped and left.

    I'm really confused about how the replay system works. The Chapters say you can either replay it and not save to find out what the alternative options are, or you can save but then you may lose data for later chapters (which makes a lot of sense). I wish there was like a new game + where they'd fast forward through all the unimportant stuff and eliminate all the options you've already made, thus guaranteeing a different ending. I'm not so much looking forward to replaying all the fairly dull parts of the game, but I do have a lot of friends with 360s who want to play it so maybe i'll let them play it and I'll watch and just influence their decisions a bit.
    All in all i'm trying to find out how many different endings there actually are. I'd assume there'd be at least 3 vastly different ones.

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