Possible proof 7 inch ipad

Discussion in 'iPad' started by smidges, Sep 24, 2010.

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    Jun 27, 2010
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    i chatted to an apple expert and pretended i was in possession of the 7 inch ipad prototype and well here is the transcript. i took out the employyes name so not to get him in trouble

    You are chatting with ****, an Apple Expert

    Hi, my name is Jason P. Welcome to Apple!

    How are you today?

    i would like to speek to steve jobs. i am from techsavy and i am in posession of an apple prototype. the 7 inch ipad. i need to speak to him

    You will need to contact our Corporate Offices in regards to your situation.

    Let me get you their number.

    that would be great

    The number is 408-996-1010.

    thank you

    You're welcome.

    that will be all

    Thank you for visiting the Apple Store. We appreciate your business. If you would like more help, please chat with us again.
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    Don't waste chat operator time.
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