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Discussion in 'Application Ideas' started by trenskow, Jan 27, 2008.

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    Oct 16, 2007
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    Ever since I bough my iPod Touch, it has bothered me, that it is unable to play music through airtunes (airport express)

    But recently I thought of an idea. There are two possible sceneries:

    1) Develop a kernel extension that would supply an audio out that would be able to stream directly onto an airport, and develop an application to turn on/off the kext, and selecting the proper airport.

    2) This method calls for creating a separate music player, that will stream directly to the airtunes. The problem with this method is, that it would be needed to implement all sorts of codecs, and then protected aac files wouldn't be playable anyway.

    Unless you approached it like ffh (a dedrm tool for mac os x). This one uses QuickTime to play the files, and then redirects malloc and memcpy, using the mach_override API, to grab the decoded data as QuickTime allocates it.

    If QuickTime has an API on the iPhone/touch, that would enable 3rd party applications to play audio content on the device, maybe this method could be used instead of implementing different codecs. Just use QuickTime as the decoder.

    It would require, that a QuickTime API is available, and that the mach_override is available for the iPhone/Touch as well.

    libitunesdb could be used to get information about available media on the device, and roap-play to stream the decoded media files to the airport ?

    Any thought on this ?

    // Trenskow
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    i would love for this app to be developed

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