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Discussion in 'iTunes' started by PieOPah, Mar 29, 2010.

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    Recently I deleted a number of podcasts from iTunes because my wife had downloaded them and I didn't want them. Along with that, I had donwloaded a number of different podcasts for myself.

    When I came to sync them, I noticed on the Podcast Tab when my iPhone is plugged in that one of the items is still avaialble despite not being on my machine. I have deleted the item from both iTunes and Windows Explorer. It doesn't exist anywhere but it still tries to sync.

    I know I can supress the message, but it is annoying as hell as it shows as a syncable item when it isn't there.

    Any idea on how I can get rid of this?

    Oh, and the original podcast no longer exists as they are deleted week to week (Radio 1)


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