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    So i recently downloaded the game " pocket legends " from the app store and it is amazing. One thing that i did not find however is voice chat!
    But i have actualy found a way to encorperate voice chat in game!!!!!!!

    first you need :
    jailbroken ipod touch . iphone ( any version )
    skype on ipod

    so first i will show you how to fully multi task on the ipod / iphone ( thats right it exist and is basicaly flawless ). Add to your soarces - repo.beyouriphone.com and download proswitcher ita.

    this not only installs everythnig you need but is extreamely fluent and looks amazing.

    once installed you can click on the backgrounder app to set the activation, and go to settings to set the activation for pro switcher.

    then get you and your buddy ( i use ebuddy to get in touch with my friends to tell them to go on skype ) go on skype and start a chat ( mic obviously ).

    next activate backgrounder and open your online game ( in my case it is pocket legends ). when you do so the online game still runs amazing, meanwhile your conversation is still running A.K.A ------ VOICE CHAT FOR IPHONE GAMES!!!!!

    hope it helped ( iv used it alot and it works great ), any questions just ask. If it works please say thank you lol


    ( o and if you want to play pocket legends / skype add my legends account " Wazup " )
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    that seems like a lot of work just to get voice chat, when if you really wanted you could just call the person on a phone....but great idea, i must admit

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