Pocket God Update 1.09: Hi Dracula! Review

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    Here's a review of the update my posted to my blog. Click on the link to see the post with images.

    Check out the full review with pics!

    This update reached the App Store on March 15th, 2009. Pocket God is currently NUMBER 1 on the US App Store and NUMBER 2 on the Canada App Store, next to Flick Fishing

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    Pocket God is a crazy and exciting game, for iPhone, based on little cavemen. But, the best part is, your God. Apparently, you're a bad god. Thats why you flick your islanders into volcanoes, push them into the ocean, feed them to sharks, and much more! Whats new this time? On version 1.09, we're introduced to Mister Bat. Mister Bat is kinda mean. He bites sleeping islanders (pygmies) and the bitten islander becomes........ a vampire! This vampire isn't contagious, he is dangerous! He knocks all the pygmies off the island and eventually, as God, you kill him when you're bored.

    Update rating...
    Sound: 7/10
    Same song over and over.
    Graphics: 10/10
    Great for iPhone/iPod Touch.
    Story: 9/10
    Needs more features.
    Animation: 10/10
    Really cool!
    Fun-ness: 9/10
    Eventually get bored. But, they keep you entertained with weekly updates.

    Total Rating: 90%

    Yay! This is a really cool game you need for your app collection! Also, Bolt Creative updates it every week! See you next week, when I review Pocket God 1.10!!!!!

    See images of this update after the jump. LOL.

    Check out the full review with pics!

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    Nice review! Couldve noticed i already posted about it though.

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