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    We'll have to do another Whitney Houston tribute called "Kiss my Ass" (look it up on YouTube).

    So, I guess I ran out of excuses, another update that took a long time. The only thing I can say is that we are super busy. It's pretty exciting but also pretty stressful because there are so many things happening at the same time. The Comic Book is coming along really well and should be in iVerse’s hands next week, not sure how long it will take them to make it available but it should be available by the end of this month or early June by the latest. It should be available online through iVerse's web site and iPhone app, a standalone iPhone and iPad app, and I think a few other platforms as well. We will also be working on an update that will come out at the same time (hopefully we can get it done on time). There are also three other projects that are in development with other teams that we can't announce yet. One announcement will probably happen during WWDC and the others will be announced a little later. BTW, when projects like the comic book come out, please help us get the word out, the more successful these projects become, the easier it is for us to convince a publisher into doing a real console game (and we have some really awesome ideas for the DS and Wii). The one thing we will never do, is launch the exact same game on different platforms, I think it’s pretty cheezy when a company, especially a company with money and resources, releases the exact same game everywhere. We want all our games to complement each other.

    As far as this update goes, I think it's the most polished game that we released so far. The update is called Crack is Wack because you have the new god power of drawing cracks on the ground. When a crack goes under a Pygmy, a large crack opens up and swallows them. You can either play with the cracks nonstop or use it to enter game mode when a Pygmy falls in. Down below is a Lava Tube that contains a Canabalt-like mini-game. This isn’t an official cross-over but we really like Canabalt so we thought we would do a little tribute. In the tunnel, the Pygmy needs to run and jump from platform to platform, some platforms crumble and sink, other platforms have stalactites that come crashing down. In your path are patches of Bat Poo that slow you down if you run into them (he skids and makes a funny face at the camera when this happens). The environment is pretty cool, just like Canabalt, we have some interesting things going on in the background. There is a Demon that sort of pops up periodically and follows you from the distance, as well as a cool multilayer scrolling effect that makes the scene look semi 3d. The Demon is kind of a tribute to Ronnie James Dio. Both Allan and I are big fans of his and planned on adding a demon from one of his videos to the update. It was purely coincidental that he died about 3 days after I actually added it. I only wish I could get the same effect by adding Justin Bieber to the game.

    We added an Ice Monster Skin Pack to the update. This was actually pretty hard for Allan because the Ice Monster has a lot of animation and it’s hard to do interesting looking skins and have the animations all work properly. We have a couple of robots, one Voltron looking one and one hipster kid robot style one. There is a Bear, a Pink Bunny, and a Yeti that throws poo (the snow balls are also skinnable). Then there is an evil snowman and a stone Aztec Monster.

    Not much to report technically, I found a new optimization that I was able to use to speed up The Runs. I didn't have time to apply it to the rest of the game but I'm hoping to finish it with our next update. The code is just getting really huge and with each update, it gets harder and harder to add new features without screwing up performance but we are trying to be as careful as we can.

    We are going to try really hard to get the next update out in two weeks so it will come out at the same time as the comic book. It's a tribute to Ape Entertainment that is making the comic book for us. It will include the new Ape Island and will probably be a trilogy.

    Here is an exclusive sample from the Comic Book.

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