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    Pocket Farm is the farming game you have all been waiting for on the iPhone!

    You've probably heard about the farming phenomenon on Facebook and wished you could play it anywhere. Now you can build your farms wherever you go!

    With only a shovel and a handful of seeds, build your farm from the ground up into a money making business. Buy fields, fences, barns, tractors, ponds, and a variety of animals. Place them where you want and design your farm the way you like it. Water the crops from your pond, or use a tractor to plow all the fields at once.

    When you've harvested enough vegetables that are in demand, head to the market where you'll have to pack customer's baskets with vegetables without letting them fall off the conveyor belt. Fill adjacent baskets to chain them together and collect bonus multipliers to earn the most cash!

    This extremely addicting combination of harvesting and selling will keep your fingers moving and brain entertained! It's two games in one!

    -Addictive gameplay for all ages!
    -Built in help and gameplay tips
    -Zoom in and out of your farm
    -Cute and zany graphics
    -40 Levels
    -8 musical tracks
    -Best of all it's under 10 megs so you can download it directly to your phone without a computer!


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    ill keep my harvest moon thanks

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